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A dental crown is an artificial tooth restoration that fits over the remaining part of a natural but broken tooth. The crown strengthens the existing tooth and recreates the shape of a natural tooth. They are an ideal restoration for teeth that have been broken, or weakened by decay or a very large filling.

How Do Crowns Work?

A crown is used to cover or cap your damaged tooth. Not only does the crown strengthen your damaged tooth, a crown will also help to improve its appearance, shape or alignment.

A crown can also be placed on top of a dental implant to provide a tooth-like shape and structure for function. Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

Other materials include gold and metal alloys, acrylic and ceramic. These alloys are generally stronger than porcelain and may be recommended for back teeth.

Porcelain bonded to a metal shell is often used because it is both strong and attractive.

We may recommend a crown to:

  • Replace a large filling when there isn’t enough tooth remaining

  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing

  • Restore a fractured tooth

  • Attach a bridge

  • Cover a dental implant

  • Cover a discoloured or poorly shaped tooth

  • Cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment

How Do Crowns Work

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is fitted to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base, but if the bridge is visible when you smile, porcelain is then bonded to the base to ensure that it blends seamlessly with your existing teeth.

Bridges are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth. They span the space where the teeth are missing. Bridges are cemented to the natural teeth or implants surrounding the empty space.

As with crowns, you have a choice of materials for bridges. We will help you decide which to use, based on the location of your missing tooth (or teeth), its function, aesthetic considerations and of course the cost.

Again, porcelain or ceramic bridges can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

How Do Crowns Work

Considering Having A Crown Or Bridge?

At Epsom Dental Centre, both dental crowns and dental bridges are a very popular cosmetic dentistry choice. All our treatments are available on interest free payment plans.

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Janet R.
Janet R.
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Christopher G.
Rahul and team are the best dental practice I have ever been to and I have visited many around the world (too many sweets as a child!!). Rahul helped me with a Dental emergency 5 years ago and this practice has been looking after our family since then. I highly recommend them.
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Sammy P.
I have been a patient at Epsom Dental Centre for years and highly recommend it. I’ve always received the best treatment and service - they actually make it a joy to go to the dentist! Thank you to the team at Epsom Dental Centre for looking after me so well.
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Naomi C.
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